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Israeli attorney Anastasia Fux specializes in family affairs, inheritance issues, support of real estate transactions, corporate law, cases of medical negligence, debt collection, and also acts as a mediator in dispute settlement.

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Real estate transactions

Purchase and sale of real estate, leasing of residential and office space, legal disputes involving real estate, tax planning for real estate transactions.

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Рубрика корпоративное право

Corporate law

In this article we will explain how to proceed if you want to open your own company and register it in Israel: what you must do, what offices you must apply to and what documents you will require.

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Medical negligence and malpractice

Compensation for damages resulting from the infliction of injury due to medical negligence or malpractice. Representation of foreign citizens undergoing medical treatment in Israel.

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Debt collection

Debt recovery through enforced judgments or agreements with debtors

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Family Law Attorney

Family law in Israel is unique and is unlike family law in any other country in the world. The fundamental difference lies in the fact that there is no civil marriage in Israel and that the authority regarding marriages is to a large extent in the hands of religious courts.

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Mediation & Dispute resolution

The mediation of disputes can produce a highly beneficial decision for both sides and in a very short period of time.

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